Last week, as we celebrated Christmas with the Garmans, my sister-in-law, Monique, and I were talking recipes. She had made my chili that day (we have forgone formal for fun) and I had brought her husband, Ralph’s, favorite carrot cake. She asked me if I had a good split pea soup recipe, as she’s trying to learn how to make his favorites. Apparently his mother had made a mean split pea soup, herself, and took the recipe with her to heaven.

When she asked, I just stood there, blankly, wondering why in the world I didn’t have one. I know my own husband loves anything with peas, yet I had never once made split pea soup. So, on the way home, I consulted the Google for the best recipes it had to offer. I settled on one with ham hocks and high ratings and decided that it would be our New Years Eve meal, never dreaming that today would dawn with below-freezing temps and be the perfect weather for it.

I love trying new things. Actually, it’s the possibilities I love. It’s a blank slate, a crisp white sheet of paper just begging for someone to pen a fresh thought. Standing in my kitchen, cooking up something I’ve never made before (seriously, I’ve never bought ham hocks in my life), seems the perfect way to ring in a new year, only made better by serving it up to the one I love whom I know will love it.

I’m ready to welcome whatever words will fill the pages of my life, this new year, with the clink of a champagne flute, the simple pleasures of soup and bread, and the solid assurance of a kiss from my man, because I know and trust the Author.

He holds our future, yours and mine, and He’s an expert at new things.

Fresh starts.

Second Chances.

Aren’t you glad?

And who knows? Maybe He’s ringing in the new year, Himself, over a steaming bowl of Ralph’s mother’s split pea soup.

I like to think so.


Forget about what’s happened;
    don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? ~ Isaiah 43:19 MSG