So, lately I’ve had glue on my mind. Not because I’ve been crafting, or building, or repairing anything either. Glue has been on my mind because I’ve been feeling stuck.

Major life changes (like a move, for instance), even when welcome, can really do a number on your life. At least for me, there has been, and continues to be a “limbo”. Times of loneliness and boredom, on top of frustrations and glitches on both ends of our relocation make this planner-by-nature uncharacteristically “whiny”, a complainer and, flat out no fun. While I’m removed from my life in Florida, it almost feels like I can’t begin my life here in Texas. In a word: stuck.

I’ve found myself pleading with God for direction.

“What do You want me to DO Lord?”
“I’m ready to jump in, Lord! Show me what to DO!”

“I need to be settled, Lord!”
“I need to get my furniture moved!”
“I need some concrete dates on my calendar!!!”

Or maybe that was less pleading and more demanding…whining, even.

As an answer, He showed me the glue.

While watching a home improvement show (and lamenting my lack of one at the moment), I watched a carpenter explain to a homeowner what he was doing.

“We’re going to put these 2×4’s together to add more stability. And, instead of using just nails, we’ll also use a lot of wood glue for added strength.”

He had the homeowner squeeze out the glue between the boards in a generous fashion, then he put them in a vice to hold them together.

“Now, we’ll leave them here to let the glue ‘set up’. If we’re too quick to move the boards, the glue will not be ‘cured’ and the strength of the piece will be compromised. You can’t rush this step, or you’ll really be sorry.”

God spoke to my heart in that HGTV episode. It became abundantly clear that He’s got me in a place where He’s working on me…my need to control, to plan, my desire to “get out there”, make connections, go full steam ahead on my own. He’s got me between two chapters of my life, and He has me stuck there, right where He wants me. I feel locked in a vice and it’s a little uncomfortable, but He will not be rushed.

As it turns out, I’m realizing that the strength of our lives, the very durability of them in times of pressure and stress, is found in these in-between times. When we allow Him to hold us still between the chapters of our lives, the waiting that ensues strengthens us for the future.

The bottom line is: the carpenter doesn’t rush the glue.
The bottom line is: the CARPENTER doesn’t rush the GLUE.

Today, I’m in no different a place than I have been for the last couple of months. Nothing’s changed except my attitude, because today, I’m grateful to be stuck…like glue.

You hold strength and power in the palm of Your hand to build up and strengthen all. And here we are, O God, our God, giving thanks to You, praising Your splendid Name.
1 Chronicles 29:10

photo credit: pigsinpajamas