The winds of change have been blowing at a Category 5 level over here. I’m using hurricane lingo while I can, because in a scant few weeks I won’t be able to with the same “authority” as a Floridian. Why, you ask? Because, well…

Texas in My Soul from Melinda G on Vimeo.

That’s right! We gotta go…we’ve got Texas in our souls and we’re heading back home! This is where it would be entirely appropriate to let loose with a big YEE-HAW!

About a week ago, and completely out of the blue, Hubs was offered to take over one of the Texas offices, and we started prayerfully walking through the doors as they were opened. We were praying all the while that we wouldn’t get ahead of God with our own desires to go back home, and did He ever answer those prayers with one huge confirmation after another! Trust me when I say that with the housing market in its current state of, um, toilet-dwelling (hello, we live in Florida!), our home was one giant piece of the puzzle that could definitely have kept us from accepting this position. In ways that could ONLY be God, He’s taken care of this, allowing us to not only take the job, but get out of a terrible market without losing our shirts. As I said, there have been several other ways that God has shown Himself HUGE and FAITHFUL in this process, leaving no doubt that we are to proceed. But the coolest thing was revealed to us just a couple of days ago.

Perhaps you remember that terrible office situation that we went through a while back, followed a few months later with another unhappy surprise. About two weeks before we got the job offer, we were informed that our lawsuit had been dropped; it seems that the council for the plaintiff filed the suit INCORRECTLY and it was THROWN OUT! As of this moment, there is no suit at all! While there is still a possibility of a future suit, we are praising God for this and believing for His best in the situation. Then, two days ago, one of the gentlemen in the home office for the company said the following to Hubs:

“The way that you handled yourself with such honesty and integrity during all that mess with ____, was one of the main reasons that we considered you for this office and why we are going to such great lengths to get you there.”

I’m here to tell you today that if you’re going through a great trial – especially one in which you are being falsely accused or persecuted – stay the course! Don’t buckle or give in, but stand strong on the Solid Rock and let your integrity shine through. If you can see NO REASON that you should be going through this trial, then rest assured that GOD DOES. It may be for the express purpose of setting you up to receive a blessing bigger than you can imagine.

We have so loved our time here; we’ve been blessed immeasurably with a great church, a wonderful office, fun and warm neighbors, and getting to live every day in a part of the country where most people come to vacation! But, I have Texas in my soul and I’ve been given the incredible gift of coming full circle.

I’m going home.