Man, I love my home state! I currently reside in Florida, and, while it certainly ain’t bad, it AIN’T TEXAS! Texas is and always will be home to me, and that’s why hubs and I just spent the last week there, looking for our own little slice of lone star heaven to retire to one day. We centered our search in the beautiful Hill Country (the area between and around Austin and San Antonio, for those not familiar), and there are things that are so distinctly Texan in that area, that I just need to share.
When you’re going down Main Street, in just about any small town in the area, you’re likely to see a line-up like this:  

Mostly trucks and SUV’s, with cowboys and longhorns on the signs.  
And, there is sure to be this:  

I mean, where else are you going to get your Wranglers?  
If it’s Biker’s Week, then you’ll see this:  
When it’s time to eat, you’ll sit at the dawn-to-dark restaurant, 
sandwiched between a local elderly couple and a Harley-riding, leathered-up couple at a long table, where you eat the best Migas you’ve ever put in your mouth. 
 Then, you’ll walk outside and visit with the 
local, self-appointed “counselor” to whom you can tell all your troubles.  
I like to call him Buffalo Bill.  You’ll enjoy a mighty fine chat.

 Of course, no trip to Texas is complete unless you see one of these: 
 Or maybe a whole parade of them:  

As you’re hanging around town, everyone will call you “ma’am” or “little lady”, as in 
Well there, little lady, you and your man are welcome to come down to the VFW hall for the Wild Game Dinner on Saturday.  It’s to benefit our kids in the 4-H.”
We’ve gotten so far away from names like that, that one might be tempted to think it demeaning.  To me, it’s lovely, respectful and down-right mannerly. 
We Texans are up on current events.  Just in case you’re not sure who to vote for in the upcoming elections, you can stop by here:  

However, if you’re looking for the other guy, you might be out of luck, because most of the people in this neck of the woods always claim to be “right”.
Maybe by now you’ve had just about enough of the “city” life and 
need to get out of town and clear your head. 


There are miles and miles of beautiful hills and valleys. 
Balm for the weary spirit and fodder for the dreamer.  
It’s beautiful.  It’s home.
Texas, MY Texas.