I’m writing this post from the room I’m sharing with one Lilliana (Lilli) Grace Munoz…my 4-day-old granddaughter and, save for Jesus, the current ruler of my heart!

She’s beautiful, brilliant, and perfect in every way. If you are not a grandparent, you are probably rolling your eyes, or even scoffing at me, but if you ARE a grandparent, well, I don’t even really need to go on, do I?

The Lord has done a great work in my life during the months that He was knitting Lilli together. He was busy preparing me to be a “Mimmie” (rhymes with “Kimmie), expanding my heart in ways that were absolutely necessary for me to take on this unexpected new role in my life and fully embrace the gift that was being given to me in an unconventional way. During the wait, I was afforded more opportunities with the Lord in much more intimate ways than I’d previously experienced and I truly wouldn’t trade one moment for what it’s brought me.

There is another gIRL being born; another gIRL who is near and dear to my heart. gIRL: girlfriends In Real Life™ is launching herself into the world today. She’s no less beautifully formed by the Lord than my Lilli, and while she wasn’t knit together in anyone’s womb, she was conceived in the hearts of my ministry partner, Mary, and myself exactly 9 months ago. While the Lord was fashioning her over these months, He was expanding our hearts and minds to embrace our unexpected new roles as her “guardians.” He gave us amazing opportunities to spend times of intimacy with Him and showed Himself in ways we’d never before experienced.

You can expect some peeks at Lilli now and again (and again!) here at the ol’ blog, one with a more expanded story and a lot more pictures coming soon. But TODAY, I hope you’ll jump right on over to gIRL’s new home and read all about her! Registration for her first “gathering” opens TODAY, with 44 spaces and a discounted price ($175) for registrations received before July 15th!

God created two girls with purpose and impact in our world, that He ordained from the beginning of time. Rejoice with me, won’t you?

Thank heaven for little gIRLs!