Yesterday was cold.

Really cold.

Not the sub-zero, frozen tundra temps of the Great White North, but dang frigid for those of us in the usually mild South. We had the fire going all day, space heaters working overtime, and our freshly filled propane tank laboring along like a champ, but I could not get warm.

I huddled under my tried and true leopard Snuggie that has served me so well for the last four winters (Succumbing to that “as seen on TV” marketing craze, I bought a deluxe version without shame and I’ve never looked back), but even with fuzzy socks, and winter running clothes, I was still shivering. And, even when I managed the tiniest bit of warmth, I’d have to get up and go do something, requiring climbing out from under the Snuggie into the arctic air.

I was in a chilly quandary.

Later, I dreamed aloud on Facebook about how I needed a Snuggie with feet. One that I could wear around the house, taking its delicious, heavy fleece warmth with me wherever I went. I wouldn’t care if I looked like a giant child in footie pajamas; no. I would boldly, and shamelessly, rock its temperate goodness.

A little later, I stopped suddenly, a wild thought lodging itself in my mind.

What if there was such a Snuggie?

Heart racing, I consulted the Google, and there, with the heavens peeling back to reveal angel song, was this:


The Uni-Lazy in “Lethargic Leopard.”

It was like God Himself had looked kindly down on His freezing child and said, “I love you. Be cold no more.”

You might think that, here, gazing at this picture, I might’ve come to my senses and just said no. But I didn’t. You can bet I immediately ordered. The only downside was that they were out of my size in “Lethargic Leopard,” so I had to go with “Lay Down Brown.”

But that’s okay. I don’t take gifts from God lightly, so if He meant for me to be less flashy in my leisure, I will not question it. I’m nothing if not obedient.

So, yesterday was the day I bought a Uni-Lazy, never to be cold again.

And all God’s people said AMEN.


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. ~ James 1:17 NIV