Hello! I’m Melinda. Perhaps you remember me as the owner and fairly frequent post-writer to this little neck of the cyber-space woods. Maybe you’ve noticed that I seemed to have dropped off the planet, or maybe you haven’t! But, if you are one of those few hangers-on that still honor me with your visits, even when I go days and days and days without posting, THANK YOU! I love that you’re still walking the road with me! Speaking of roads, let me catch you up.

The title to this post isn’t just some lyrics snatched from a Beatles tune. Truly, we’ve been “traveling the road home” in a very literal sense in 2009/2010, and that road has been LONG and WINDING, to say the least! We finally did close on our home (a little over a week AFTER I said we were going to), but the waiting and scraping and clawing we had to do to get here was completely worth it.

We are blessed to have found (what we think is) an extraordinarily beautiful home, for an amazingly low price. The patience the Lord required, ended up rewarding us with a home-price that offset the large loss that we took on our house in Florida, and giving us the lowest house payment we’ve had since we originally left Texas almost 12 years ago. That long wait (and the savings we built up from living in an apartment) allowed us to pay off some debt that was incurred with the move and have money for the down payment on this house, since we had no equity from our Florida home.

That lengthy road also led us from church to church until we finally arrived “home”…which, (not so) coincidentally, is two miles from our house. It dropped us into a neighborhood full of “greet-you-as-you-pass, bring-you-hot-baked-goods” neighbors, one of whom is my age, a Christian, and lives across the street. The blessings found at every turn have been abundant enough to trump the frustrations along the way.

The thing about long and winding roads is that you often can’t see what’s around the bend. Will it be your destination or will it be yet another stretch of seemingly endless road? What I’ve found is that it really doesn’t matter. Be encouraged as you travel your own road, be it arduous and wearying, or light and leisurely. As long as you’re following the One who holds the map, you’ll never be alone, and never fail to get to the right place, at the right time.

I’ll post some pics in the next couple of days. Thanks again for staying with me; it’s good to be back!