This Internet thing never ceases to amaze me.

What started with blogging to, well, basically my mother about 2 1/2 years and about 270 posts ago, has grown into an intricate and precious “network of hearts” to me. These are people that I never would’ve otherwise known; yet now, through the exchange of lives through our computer screens, we’ve come to know each other quite well, and in many cases have developed a mutual love and respect that leaves us shaking our heads in wonder.

Most of the time, these relationships we’ve developed are never “fleshed out”, but sometimes the opportunity presents itself for us to meet. Today was one of those days for me…I got to meet and have lunch with Donna at Way More Homemade!

I have been one of Donna’s readers for a little over a year, enjoying her “Mama-Bragging Mondays”, “Foodie Fridays (gotta check out her recipe blog…YUM)”, and her journey with her Jesus through the mountaintops and the valleys…all with a sense of humor! Lately, I’ve been following her on Twitter, and Facebook, too, always leaving me with a smile.

Donna is even more precious in person, though this came as no surprise. The fact of the matter is, I’ve had the extraordinary privilege of meeting more than my fair share of blogging “Siestas” face to face. Every single one, without fail, has left me astounded that I could love them anymore than I already did!

Yep, this Internet thing is pretty amazing…God involved in even our technology, working on one side of the screen to give us a glimpse of heaven on the other.

If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or planning to visit sometime in the future, I sure would love to meet you! Contact me and we’ll make it happen!