I had the good fortune to hear about a different type of prayer journal called “Prayers of My Heart” by Debbie Williams. She has a ministry out of Kerrville, Texas called Hillcountry Ministries, and, because a) she lives in Texas, and b) Beth Moore recommended the journal, I promptly ordered one!

It came a couple of days ago, and just this morning I cracked it open and began to fill in the people I would pray for each day and the petitions that I had for this month. When you have something in an organized form like this, it’s amazing how quickly you can fill it up and how many, many people/petitions you realize that you need to be praying for! It makes the phrase “pray without ceasing” seem even more necessary…otherwise, how in the world would you get it all prayed for? Sometimes the needs seem overwhelming.

I think we often forget that it’s such a privilege to boldly approach the throne of God! We shouldn’t be able to get within 1000 miles of the door to the throne room, and yet, God, in His tender mercy, couldn’t stand the idea of us groveling way out there, passing notes to some more worthy person that might get a little closer. No, our God built a bridge that spanned the distance out of a blood-soaked cross, and took the lock off the door completely. So we can go straight in there any time of the day or night. Stay as long as we want. Good hair day or bad. Amazing. All that for little ole, nothing-but-dust, us.

Yes, the needs are great. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the “Prayer Wall” on Godtube.com. But, we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by them. They’re not our needs to carry ourselves; the only carrying we need to do is the act of lugging them to the Throne Room and leaving them there. Because we can do that – because we are privileged to do that – we can live out “bearing one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2) without being crushed by them.

Enjoy the privilege to pray. Walk right on in and and take a load off.