Well, yesterday was the day. I tore open the package at a fevered pitch and pulled it out in all its fleece goodness.

Yes. It was my Uni-Lazy.


I know I could be a bear for Halloween. I know it’s big and baggie and hideous. And you know what?


It’s also super warm, very soft, and practical, with its zippered trap door for potty ease. But beyond that, why would I care?

I’ve thought about it, since I bought it. You know, there have been a lot – A LOT – of things I haven’t even tried because they were too ________. Fill in the blank with, oh, I don’t know…silly? Ridiculous? Things that I thought would make me look stupid in front of others?

That’s the thing, isn’t it? We don’t try a lot of things because of how we think they’ll make us appear. We worry about what other people will think (or at least I do), and that worry can keep us from the benefits of the thing, even when we know, in our heart of hearts, we need them.

Sometimes God calls us into the uncomfortable. Most of the time, actually, because that’s where we rely on Him instead of our feeble selves. We look at it and think, “No way. That’s ridiculous!” all the while longing for what He would do in and through us if we would just say yes.

Consider it. Take the leap. You might look a little silly at first, but in the end, you’ll be wrapped up in your Father’s strong embrace, doing amazing things. Then, what was once thought ridiculous by others, might just inspire them toward doing the same thing.

Like buying a Uni-Lazy. Because you KNOW you want one.


But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.  ~ Acts 5:29 ESV

Do you think I care about the approval of men or about the approval of God? Do you think I am on a mission to please people? If I am still spinning my wheels trying to please men, then there is no way I can be a servant of the Anointed One, the Liberating King. ~ Galatians 1:10 VOICE