It’s funny. Whenever I hear the number 21, or see it all spelled out, it has a bit glamour and mystery associated with it. Even though I’ve never been there, the 21 Club in New York City, known simply as “Twenty-One” by most, is the stuff of legends and holds inside its walls a million stories that will likely go untold as one of the most famous “speakeasies” during the Prohibition Era. According to, “under the inspired management, ’21’ quickly became one of the most exclusive establishments in town, a place where the young socialites of the Roaring Twenties could spend wild nights dancing the Charleston and enjoying wines and spirits of the finest quality.” It became so exclusive, in fact, that it was even mentioned by name in some of the movies produced during Hollywood’s Silver Screen heyday.

Obviously all this talk of “21” brings us around to the subject at hand: you are twenty-one years old today, Emmie. I find myself thinking about some of your friends, or, really, most of the average 21-year-olds out in the world and how they celebrate this momentous birthday. It seems that the most common celebration takes place in any number of “21’s” around the country; under different names and management, of course, and, very likely far less exclusive, but just as effective in facilitating “wild nights.” I wonder how many of them will really even remember their 21st birthday in the fog left behind?

Your 21st will be different. For one, your birthday will not involve kicking back with newly-legal beverages, but will involve a bottle of formula instead…shaken, not stirred. It may not be filled with gifts of the latest, trendiest, designer clothing, handbags or jewelry that all the beautiful people are wearing for their parties at 21, but it will find you stunned at the extraordinary beauty in the gift of a baby’s smile. Your 21st will be different because instead of doing your best to wash away the evening in grandiose fashion, you will be treasuring and pondering all these things in your heart.

Today marks the beginning of a new adult chapter of life, not just a new year. Today, the walls of your life will begin to fill up with a million stories that may not all be told, but I hope will all be fully experienced and remembered. I pray that God will move in such a way that when you think of “Twenty-One,” it will be legendary.

Happy, Happy Birthday my darling girl.

Big as the Sky…