In just a little while, I will be putting on an official “Color Run” t-shirt, pulling my hair back in a ponytail with a matching headband, and attaching a number to my shirt. I will be participating in my first 5K.

And I will be walking.

Y’all, I am NOT athletic. I was a drill team girl in high school, so I’m not completely inept (at least I wasn’t back then!), but I’ve never been a sports player or a runner. If you witnessed the running you’d say, “God bless her, she wasn’t kidding.” So, I’m really playing this whole 5K thing up because who knows when it will happen again?

We are in Iowa for about 5 minutes, to celebrate our good friend’s 60th birthday. (DISCLAIMER: if you live in Iowa, we are literally here today for the party,and leave tomorrow, so that’s why we haven’t made arrangements to see anyone. If you’re downtown this morning, keep an eye out!) This run was offered as a part of the celebratory activities. At first I dismissed it, because, well, see the last paragraph. But as time got closer, I reconsidered.

Who says I have to run? Couldn’t I still enjoy the course and frolic through the clouds of powdery color like a crazy person?

Of course I could.

Lately, I’ve realized how many times I miss out on something memorable, or even important, because I put myself and my capabilities in a box. I analyze what I might need to do a thing, look in my box, and if I don’t see EXACTLY what I consider the right tools for the job, I close the box and walk away, another opportunity gone.

I’m working on changing my perspective by taking myself, and my abilities, out of that box, and holding it all up to the Light. I’m here to tell you it all looks like a lot MORE in all that beautiful bright! From that point of view, as a matter of fact, anything seems possible.

You should try it, too. Who knows? You might even find yourself walking a run, and experiencing something completely new.

Something you NEVER imagined!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV