Post originally published June of 2007.

I’ve been thinking lately about our dogs over the years, and whenever they cross my memory, the antics of one in particular always bring a smile to my face – Nick.

Nick was a very large chocolate lab that came to us at the age of 9 mos. and already weighed in at 98 lbs. When we got him, he came with an enormous food bowl and a “Bart” head – the large, plastic likeness of Bart Simpson. He carried that thing around with him like a security blanket, but only when he wasn’t chewing on something else that DIDN’T belong to him! Cordless phones, sunglasses, a newly-planted rose bush, one of every pair of sandals I had, and, of course, toys!

I remember a friend and I conversing about the very colorful “piles” in our backyard, after the hearty consumption of a box of crayons. This happened on many more than one occasion. However, my favorite of these “types” of stories happened after M received the highly coveted “Santa Fe Barbie” for her birthday. That little Southwestern looker came complete with brunette hair like M, a beautiful pair of boots, and an Indian-blanket skirt with matching fringed shawl. She was, by far, the favorite gift that year.

One day, M was looking high and low for the shawl and one of the boots. Angry and discouraged, she gave up her long search for some time on the swingset to think things through. Pretty soon, she came in the kitchen.

“Well, I found Barbie’s shawl and her boot,” she said.

“You don’t seem very happy about it,” I replied.

“Come see.” She solemnly took my hand and out we went.

There, in the yard, was a very well-dressed poop-pile, wrapped in a bright pink and turquoise fringed shawl and sporting a high-heeled turquoise boot.

M looked up at me with her big, soulful brown eyes and said, “It’s a good thing Barbie likes to shop, because she’s never touching THOSE things again.”


Perhaps at some later date I’ll tell you about the time our doberman, Lady, ate a cheerleading pom-pom whole. There are reasons dogs have humans, because sometimes they need a little help. Like I said, what goes in must come out.