Since I posted about the Names of God a couple of days ago, more of them have been popping in my head.  That list was, by no means, comprehensive!  

I especially love the Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament.  Just uttering them aloud makes me feel safe, due to the solid, steadfast nature of each word.  And I don’t think that’s by accident!  I wanted to share some with you:
While it’s hard to choose a favorite (I think that favorites come and go in keeping with what’s happening in our lives) I am always drawn to EL ROI.  First of all, I love the story in Genesis of poor Hagar, the servant girl of Sarai (Sarah).  Sarai was Abram’s (Abraham) wife and she was barren.  The Lord had promised Abram that he would one day have a son, out of whom his descendants would be as too numerous to count.  The problem was that Abram and Sarai were getting old.  She decided to help things along and told Abram to sleep with Hagar, and maybe then they could build a family that way.  Hagar got pregnant and this actually made Sarai mad! She mistreated Hagar and Hagar ran away.  Alone in the dessert, an angel of the Lord came to her and told her that God had seen her in her circumstance and would protect her and her son. Hagar proclaimed that she had now seen the Lord “who sees me”. (story found in Genesis 16)
He saw Hagar in a deplorable circumstance that was completely out of her control.  She did nothing to bring it on herself.  She felt powerless and invisible, yet the Lord saw her, promising protection.  He cared enough to seek her out.  And, as the story goes on, He made good on his promises to her and her son.
Today, God is still EL ROI.  He sees us in every circumstance we’re in, whether it’s from our own hand or by someone else’s.  When we feel powerless and invisible, He SEES.  I love that.
What is your favorite name off the first list or this one?  Why?  Please share…I LOVE to see how our one true God can be so multifaceted and so personal to each individual.