It’s been a special weekend.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, we got a call from Maddie, telling us that her pregnant mare, April, was finally in labor. Twelve days late, all of us had begun to wonder if it would ever happen! We threw on clothes and ran to the barn, to be greeted by a sweet little stud colt and a first-time momma, licking her little guy clean.

Meet “Bravado’s No Fool” (out of “Sugarcreek Bravo” and “Almost a Fooler”), known to us as “Flynn.” Flynn means “reddish in complexion,” which is appropriate for this little cutie.


He came into the world on the 33rd anniversary of Kevin’s dad’s home-going, which was a really neat thing, since the next day, we had plans to reunite with part of the Garman family, whom we hadn’t seen in years. We spent the whole afternoon into the evening, reminiscing, and telling stories of their dad and Kevin’s (brothers), the threads of family history pulling us close.


Then, yesterday, my parents came out to see Flynn. They were doting over that sweet little animal, and Maddie, their first grandchild, taking pictures and marveling over God’s miracles of nature.

11025638_10100709564050469_6274556955741068136_nAs they were talking, I glanced into the open barn door, and saw Orion, our rescue horse, in his stall. Maddie’s been caring for him at a friend’s property until the baby was born, not wanting to introduce a new horse onto the property until then. He came home to us this weekend, still about 100 pounds shy of where he needs to be, but up about 300 pounds, he is looking SO much better! My heart swelled, looking into his big, brown, grateful eyes.


Really, it swelled in general because I had a sudden surge of understanding wash over me. It had been a weekend of what really matters. A daily celebration of new life, restored life, and life well-lived. The gifts of fresh starts and second chances. The binding together of hearts.

It’s raining outside, but the sun is shining in my heart.

Truly? The Son is ALWAYS shining when we take time to notice what’s really important.


Every good gift bestowed, every perfect gift received comes to us from above, courtesy of the Father of lights. ~ James 1:17 VOICE