My mother is an artist. She can do amazing things with a blank canvas. However, she hasn’t really painted in years. She stopped when we were young because she felt her time and focus needed to be spent on us (and rightly so), but she didn’t pick it back up again after we all left home and I’ve often wished she had.

Over the last year, I’ve had this really strong desire to paint. I was given a beautiful easel and box of paints, brushes and supplies, plus a stack of canvases for Christmas this past year and I finally painted a canvas. Some of you have seen this, but I wanted to share it. It’s a painting from a photo of an orchid plant that is blooming away on my lanai.

I can’t tell you what joy it brought me to paint this! After graduation and our trip to Texas, I’m anxious to pull everything out again and paint something else. Kevin wants a Texas landscape to motivate him to work toward our dream. I’m excited to tap into a gift that God prompted me toward…if I hadn’t stepped out and tried it, I would’ve really missed out!