Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Life has taken the wheel, and the writing down of life has been relegated to the backseat.  So, today I’m allowing myself some time to touch base.  It doesn’t hurt that I happen to be enjoying this chunk of time sitting happily on the beach in Maui, watching and listening to the pounding surf!  There is something about extraordinary beauty that stirs creativity in my soul.  Perhaps God meant it to be that way, that in His love offering of astounding creation, we would be inspired to make an offering of our own.

I read an amazing book on the flight over called The Shack.  In it, there were MANY passages that made a lasting impression, but today, this one is resonating with me: One has to be in a relationship with another to truly trust.  This seems rather simple, but it really hits home when you put it through the filter of your relationship with God.  How often do we claim to believe God, but have the darnedest time trusting Him?  The trouble seems to come from the fact that without real relationship with God, there is no basis for trust – the real, push-comes-to-shove, life or death trust.  In sharp contrast, we seem to have an easier time putting our trust in the strangest places.
Yesterday, my husband and I decided to do something daring and tried zip-lining.  We were strapped into harnesses that connected to a metal “trolley”, that “zips” across a cable suspended over a mountain gorge.  (I’m going to pause here, so when my mother reads this, she can get a paper bag to prevent hyperventilation…okay, I think I can go on now.  *grin*)  As I sat there in my little harness, waiting my turn to glide over the amazing scenery, I examined the nylon straps that I was trusting to safely carry me over the yawning ravine.  I had no relationship with those straps or the company who was providing them, yet I was completely trusting them with my life!  It was shocking to me, as I sat there, to realize how very many times that, even though I claim to have a close relationship with God, I haven’t trusted Him.  I am quicker to trust pieces of nylon and metal to carry me than the Lord of the Universe!  How misguided is that??
As I sailed over all that beauty (which, truthfully, was amazing), I thought “this thing might carry me across the high places, but what if I was down deep in that valley?”  Lord, thanks for the reminder that every moment I invest in my relationship with You strengthens and builds trust, that, no matter where I am – mountaintop or valley – I’m safe within Your trustworthy embrace.