Well, I’ve been working on this for a while! A new address and a new look to celebrate the fresh perspective that has blown in on the wings of 2011 like the first deep breath of spring. Certainly, I’m still “traveling the road home,” but I’m much more intentional these days about “scouting the divine” along the way. This is the place you’ll find me from now on, and I so hope you’ll continue to journey with me.

I was blessed this past weekend to sit in on the taping of LifeToday with James and Betty Robison. Their guest was Beth Moore, and they were kicking off the topic of “Kingdom Living.” On the heels of news stories regarding Egypt and the implications of the political unrest in that region, the conversation was one of urgency. We were chosen by God, before time began, to be members of this generation. Our unique and individual talents are perfectly suited to fulfill the purpose God for US – YOU AND ME – in this specific time in history.

James said something that really lit a fire under me; perhaps it will, you, too.

Here is the tragedy: The Kingdom of God has been reduced to a future reward, instead of a present reality requiring personal responsibilities.

Y’all, the Kingdom of God is not just the glory awaiting us in heaven. It’s NOW. Christ is living within us NOW, and through the power that we have in HIM, we have personal responsibility in our time allotted on this earth, to leave a “God-print” on this generation.

I’m excited about this year because God’s in the business of new opportunities and fresh perspective for abundant Kingdom Living. He always has been, but it’s my responsibility to keep my eyes trained to see them.

To scout the divine as I travel and leave God-prints in my path.