I’m often blown away by the wonder that is the blogosphere. For years, my ministry has involved my family, the people in my small group, my neighbors; those with whom I come into physical contact on a fairly regular basis. These people are still my ministry, of course, but the ministry itself has been broadened, just as yours has, if you’re a blogger.  The World Wide Web has had the effect of making our world not as wide!

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had the privilege of praying for a blog friend whose mother was just diagnosed with cancer, encouraging another whose son was in a car accident and is facing some other challenges that has had her feeling low and, through my dread of writing my last post, found 18 others who were struggling with some of the same issues.  Through my comment regarding a past personal battle with my child on another blog, a reader found me and sent me an email, as she is currently experiencing similar struggles.  Through my mistakes and my triumphs in that past situation, I was able to minister to her. That’s 21 people in 24 hours that would never have known the others existed, if not for blogging.
Do you realize the massive opportunity that we, the blogging community, have to affect the world for Christ?  If we are willing to walk our walk “out loud”, there is no limit to how far it will reach – from Toledo to Tangier to Tokyo, from Las Vegas to Luxembourg to Liverpool. The web does it’s job like threads in a tapestry, woven together all over the world to form something beautiful, extraordinary – hearts knit together in Christ.
Yes, this is a new kind of ministry. To all those whose blogs I frequent and those I’ve yet to discover, I thank you for your transparency and willingness to minister to me.  To all those who bless me with your visits, it’s a privilege to travel this road with you…the road home.