In a follow-up to my last post (thank you to those that answered that question – I’d still love to hear from more of you!), I’d like to throw out the following survey.  It is taken directly from the pages of Fingerprints of God by Jennifer Rothschild:

A. I feel others really don’t understand me.           
B. I feel disconnected from God.                              
C. I feel empty.                                                            
D. I struggle with discontent.                                   
E. I’m dissatisfied.   
Answer questions above with the most accurate number:
Never – 1
Rarely – 2
Sometimes – 3
Often – 4
Always – 5                                                   
Like the last post, please post your answers (ie.: A-2, B-3, etc.) as “Anonymous”.  To do this, you just click on “comments”, type your answers and then, instead of signing in with your Google account, you just select “Anonymous”.  This frees you up to be really honest.
I was going to come up with my own little survey along these lines, and then I ran across this one – it’s perfect!  These answers will really help me in putting together my talk for my church retreat, and I promise to blog about what the answers to this survey might mean for us in our walks.  PLEASE KNOW THAT WHATEVER YOU ANSWER IS NOT WRONG – JUST HONEST. We’ve ALL run the gamut on these, I suspect, and there IS a way to answer in the “1’s” and “2’s” more consistently.  Keep tuning in to find out how!
Oh, and THANKS in advance for your thoughts and insight!