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Week 26!!! We have officially reached the half-way point in our year of praying together for change!! I’m going to ask for a roll-call here; even if you never comment or read from Facebook, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT TO LET US KNOW YOU’RE STILL WITH US, AND IF YOU COMMITTED TO SIX MONTHS, PLEASE CONSIDER EXTENDING YOUR COMMITMENT.

It’s fitting that as we mark six months of praying together, that we have something HUGE to celebrate! This week, President Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, to hold a discussion on none other than abortion, stem-cell research and other life-related issues! The Los Angeles Times reports (for complete article, go here):

“…The president and the pope met for half an hour for what aides to both leaders described as a frank but cordial exchange of views. Before their talks began, Obama seemed clearly impressed to be in the presence of the Holy See, professing it a “great honor” and thanking the pope for his time…the bulk of the conversation reportedly centered on the vexed issues of abortion and stem-cell research. The Holy See had considered the U.S. an ally in opposing those practices when George W. Bush was president, and so Obama’s divergence from that position has been a cause of concern to the Vatican. To underscore his views, Benedict gave Obama a copy of the Vatican’s official teachings on bioethics, which the president said he would read on his flight later in the day to Ghana.”

In addition, it was reported:

The White House in the last few weeks has invited abortion opponents to Washington to talk about finding common ground on issues such as family planning, sex education and adoption, in hopes of coming up with a series of recommendations by the end of the summer that both sides of the abortion issue can support.

Also of GREAT importance this week was the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing regarding the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. Americans United for Life (AUL) President and CEO, Charmaine Yoest, was invited to testify on behalf of the unborn in front of this committee, the only prolife organization given this invitation. Please continue to pray for (and give financially, if this is something you feel led to do) this organization’s tireless efforts on the prolife front lines. You can watch Yoest’s testimony below:

Friends, our prayer is making a difference. The Lord is at work and the more we keep the fight for the unborn at the forefront, respectfully speaking our piece and committing to stay on our knees on their behalf, the more our president and the government as a whole will be forced to listen and act. Now is not the time to quit, but to strengthen our resolve even more!


“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23 NIV

Father God, we come to You today – many believers, one voice – to stand for life. Lord we praise You that You work through the prayers of Your people! We thank You that when our will lines up with Yours, mountains move, obstacles crumble and hearts change. We pray that You would keep us from becoming complacent and stir the fire within us even more to continue this fight and watch the president’s heart’s fire be stirred as well. We pray that the words that were spoken through Pope Benedict would not only linger in President Obama’s mind, but that they would bury themselves in his heart, causing a shift of world-altering proportion. Believing You will change one heart for many, we pray in the MIGHTY, LIFE-GIVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen!

P.S. Focus on the Family Action Center has Congressman phone numbers listed here to call regarding socialized healthcare and abortion subsidizing through our tax dollars. Please visit the link and make your call today!

Remember our roll-call…comment away!