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The time we have left before lasting decisions are made about national healthcare is beginning to run out. Hopefully, by now you’ve contacted your lawmakers and attended a town hall meeting. But, maybe you haven’t. In an attempt to join forces and make a big impact, the largest pro-life coalition in history has been formed. (If viewing in a reader, go here for video).

This is our opportunity to affect history and it is going to take every person with a heart for the unborn, and the men and women that suffer in the wake of abortion, to stop this legislation from going forward. That’s you and me. Every one of us makes a difference. Please visit and respond:


When you’re done there, blog about it, link to it from Facebook and Tweet it far and wide.
Use your voice.


Go into the world.
Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.
Mark 16:15 MSG

Father God, we come to You today – many believers, one voice – to stand for life. Lord, this is such an important time in our country’s history, a time when every voice counts – especially for those who can’t speak for themselves. Father, help us to be bold and respectfully stand our ground, even in the face of ridicule. You withstood the ultimate ridicule so that we could have life; help us to do the same for the unborn. We ask Lord that You would come behind our efforts and like the loaves and fish that fed thousands, You would multiply our offerings and bring miraculous change. Open the President’s ears, Lord, so that he hears, and takes seriously, ALL of the people of the land he leads. Believing You will change one heart for many, we pray in the MIGHTY, LIFE-GIVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen.