If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I got one extra day with my kids. Thank you, bizarro Texas ice storm!

We needed diapers (forget bread and milk; priorities, people!), so Kevin bundled up and headed out for town in our diesel 4×4. About half an hour later, he called and said he’d only made it to the gas station, which is normally less than a 5 minute drive. So, it was Brand X gas station diapers that smelled like fried food, or nothing. Brody was stuck with a truck stop vibe, but he’s cute so we let it slide.

After that one attempt to exit our property, we knew that we weren’t going anywhere else. It was just a day to be in and soak up some more time together. I know the rest of the grownups were pretty bored, having been house-bound for a few days, but not me. I love to be at home, and I loved lapping up every last drop of time with my babies. The giggles. The cries. The chaotic madness.

All of it.

Last night I stood in my kitchen, trying to make the random stuff in my pantry and freezer turn into dinner, and I just listened. All kinds of noise emanated from televisions, small children, and adult chatter. Amazingly, I was alone, just me, and Bing quietly serenading from the turntable. I savored the crazy cacophony and said a little prayer of thanks from a happy heart.

Now it’s late morning, and a later post than usual because they all packed up and left, for real this time. No room for me in the truck, so Papa got behind the wheel, and set out with our precious cargo for the airport (prayers appreciated for their safety). After I waved goodbye, I tearfully walked back into my quiet house. There was serious wreckage everywhere I looked, but I smiled as I walked into my kitchen and saw this view:


A beautiful mess of extraordinary ordinary.

Tremendous blessings in the chaos.

Exceedingly abundant peace, indeed.

“May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.” Jude 1:2 ESV