My garden pots are in a sweet spot right now. We added quite a few new ones this  year, and apparently, we chose all the right plants for all the right locations (not to mention the magical combination of pond silt and horse manure for potting soil), leaving us with beautiful, prolific blooms.

I was dead-heading a few that require it, last night, and came upon one bloom that was not yet open, but was SO full with promise, it looked ready to burst. When I awoke this morning, I thought about that flower because that’s how my heart felt.


And not for any reason in particular, either. It’s just that everything, right now, in this moment, is on an even keel. All of my people are healthy and happy. My marriage is in a great place. We are starting a new venture with Kevin’s career about which we are both excited. I’ve spent wonderful time with friends recently, and have more times like that on the horizon. And I live in a place that makes my heart sing.

Yes, I am taking note of this place in time and living in gratitude for it. I know that things will likely change, that a challenge or ten will come; they always do. So, I will focus on right now, feeling the fullness and reveling in it, imprinting the song of praise on my mind, so that when the challenges come, I’ll remember to sing.

In memory of past happiness.

In hope of future happiness.

In praise of present JOY.

After all, it’s the presence of gratitude all the time that keeps the heart full-to-bursting, ready to open, bold, and face the world like a new bloom.


“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24 ESV