…the sulfur’s gone. The sulfur? Yep, the sulfur. In my eye. As in “sulfuric acid”, or the rotten-egg-smelling powder that they used to sprinkle on your socks at camp to keep ticks away. How did it get in my eye, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

This past weekend I was at our church’s women’s retreat (worthy of a blog in and of itself, but that’s all you get right now!). I awoke one morning with scratchy eyes and stumbled sleepily to my overnight bag to dig around for my eye drops. Unbeknownst to me, a small, similarly-shaped bottle of sulfur-based blemish solution was lurking in the depths of my bag (it’s presence there remains a mystery). I felt the familiar shape of the lid and pulled it out, prying my eyelids open for the soothing and refreshing sensation of the drops doing their job – getting “the red out”. “Ahhh,” I thought, “two or three good drops ought to do it,” and in they went.

That blemish solution may not be labeled sulfuric acid, but it has the same effect on a vulnerable eyeball! When I realized my mistake, I stuck said eyeball directly under the faucet, praying all the while that God would spare me from being blinded by my own stupidity. It took a couple of days for it to get completely back to normal, but God is good and I was allowed continued sight. Sight that will be used, perhaps, to write letters to the FDA to demand some sort of warning siren be used on eye-drop-shaped blemish solution bottles when they come in contact with sleepy people…or at least to READ THE LABEL!