You know, I was a holdout on the Kindle for a LONG time! I just didn’t think it could compete with holding a book in your hands, the feel of the pages, the whole bookstore experience, and on and on. And really, I still love all those things about a “real” book the best. However, I finally broke and downloaded the smaller free version on my iPhone, and I really love the convenience of having a number of books in my purse at any given moment – especially when I travel.

The actual Kindle is about the size of a book, but much thinner and lighter, holds an enormous number of books and has a plethora of other cool features. But they are also $259. So, when I heard about the giveaway that Noobie was doing, I decided to give it a go…thought you might like to try too! You can access it from the button below:

Win a brand new Kindle!

And if you don’t win, and you have an iPhone, find the Kindle at the app store! It may be a smaller, “less frills” version, but it’s free!