Don’t worry. It’s not like it sounds. I’m talking about my man who’s been around for 30+ years and my new man of 5 days. Old, that is. Five days old. Grandfather and grandson. To me, that sounds like peanut butter and jelly…a combination that is meant to be.

We are the parents of two wonderful girls. My man never once confessed disappointment over that fact, or ever wanted to “try for a boy.” He was pleased with the size of our family, regardless of the fact that he was breathing air thick with estrogen for a lot of years. When Lilli came along, he was over the moon with her, thrilled beyond reason at a grandchild that was wrapped in pink and topped off with bows the size of dinner plates from the time she entered the world. He was content with his world of females and I truly don’t think he would’ve ever changed a thing.

Then we found out that this second grandbaby was a boy.

P1020682A BOY.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so pleased for this man of mine. Thoughts of him, walking side by side with a grubby little man-cub hand in his thrilled me to my core. And, though he would’ve been so excited for another little grandgirl, there was a little surge in his heart, I think, when he saw the deciding ultrasound pic, complete with “boy parts” label. There would be a male child in his line to whom he could hand down the things that have been handed down between males for generations. Fun stuff. Important stuff. Man stuff.

So, yesterday was incredibly special when he flew in and met the boy wonder for the first time. Looking so tiny there in his hands, lay the one-day toddler who will accompany him in the saddle, the one-day gangly preteen who will be learning the finer points of a golf swing, the one-day tall and sound man who will beat him at target practice. There lay the one-day faith-filled man who may just present him with his first great-grandson.

P1020683How thankful I am for the extreme blessings of God. The ones who, wrapped in flesh, embody hope and possibility. And I’m especially thankful that this blessing was wrapped in blue…adding a new man into my life that only makes the ‘old’ one better.


“Behold, children are a heritage of the Lord…” Psalm 127:3 ESV