Today found us on the road again, continuing south on beautiful Highway 1 to Monterey Bay. I couldn’t tell if I’d just forgotten how beautiful the state of California is, or if everything just seems more beautiful when viewed through the lens of deeply felt contentment. Certainly, that is a possibility as far as I’m concerned today.

We wandered through the renowned Monterey Aquarium, enjoyed a nice lunch and took a leisurely stroll through the shops on Cannery Row. 

Then, my sweet man took me to our accommodations for the evening. Lord have mercy on my swooning soul!

Here is a visual tour of Old Monterey Inn:

It’s a beautiful place. It was a cool evening, so we decided to stay in and enjoy that delicious sensation of windows cracked open to the cool air, while warming ourselves before a real (not gas) fire.  This is something that we’ve really missed while living in Florida, so it was especially delightful. Not to mention romantic. :o) Curled up in that big comfy chair, listening to soft music (a mix that he put together, no less) and warming ourselves by that fire, I was suddenly brought to tears. Twenty-five years together, and I couldn’t think of a place this side of heaven where I would rather be than right here, with this man – my man. Mine alone. 
Glory to God.
From what I understand, we’re headed somewhere different tomorrow.  But, of course, that’s still a surprise.  For now, I’m savoring this tender moment of deep and abiding love and the tremendous gift of being treasured.
How beautiful your love, dear, dear friend – far more pleasing than a fine, rare wine. 
Song of Songs 4:10 (MSG)

My lover is mine and I am his.  Song of Songs 2:16 (MSG)

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