M called last night and I could tell from the moment I answered the phone that she was in a really good mood. This was our conversation:

M: I just LOVE old people!
Me: Well…what brought that on?
M: I just came from the barn where I had a great conversation with a bunch of old people that have their horses out there. We just talked about horses and life…no drama, no silly high school stuff…just good intelligent conversation.
Me: That’s great…it shows you’re growing up yourself.
M: Yeah…I thought as I got in the car, “who could I call that would understand how cool it was for me to talk to old people and like it?”…naturally, I thought of you.
Me: That’s just great dear.
M: Snicker…giggle…laugh
Me: You won’t believe what I was doing when you called.
M: What?
Me: I was online, ordering wrinkle cream.
M: Howling laughter

Incidentally, I think all the “old people” at the barn were in their 40’s-50’s.