I’m in Fredericksburg, Texas this cold, rainy morning, in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. Which, of course, equates to no wifi, hence the typing on my phone.

Fredericksburg is one of our very favorite places. We return here again and again when we need to get away. Last time we came was in July, and we discovered a new-to-us shop filled with French antiques. We stayed in there for a good two hours, perusing their beautiful inventory, and chatting with the owner. When we left, he gave us a new recommendation for dinner, and we promised to come back again.

That night, we went to that recommended place, and lo and behold, the store owner was there with his wife. We sat at an adjacent table, and while we waited for our dinner, they passed over a plate of their appetizer to share. Their daughter came in after a while, and they introduced us, then they left, or so we thought.

A half hour or so later, we paid our bill and walked out to find them sitting in the front courtyard. We stopped to chat and the man asked us about where we lived. We told them about our ranch, and the non-profit, explaining our vision, and he said, “Does your faith fit into that vision? Do you know Jesus?”

Smiling, I answered with a yes, and they both beamed before he stood up, grabbed our hands and said, “Let us pray for you.”

There, in the middle of the courtyard of Otto’s in Fredericksburg, Texas, four grown people stood in a circle, one half praying over the other.

And God was there.

Yesterday, I wandered back into that shop. He smiled when he greeted me, with that “I know you, but I can’t remember why” look on his face. I reminded him of that special evening, not at all insulted that he didn’t remember right off the bat because it confirmed what I’d suspected all along:

He’d been following the lead of an insistent Inner Voice…something he probably does every single day with countless people. It was as normal as breathing to him, but made a lasting impression on us and likely every other recipient of such grace.

Today finds me thankful for him, his wife, and the other listeners out there…those who follow the lead of the One talking.


“I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole.” John 14:25-26 MSG