So, Hubs comes in last night from taking the dog downstairs for his evening constitutional. His face is flushed to the point that I’m thinking they went for a run, but since my hound is of the “weiner-dog” variety, I know this is highly unlikely.

“Honey, why is your face so red?”

“Because I’ve just had a ‘most embarrassing moment’!”

“What in the world happened?!”

“Well, I let Riley do his business and I hit a couple of golf balls while I was waiting for him. Then, we came back up the stairs.”

“Um…what’s so embarrassing about that?”

“I got distracted by the dog and lost track of how many flights of stairs we had climbed. I stopped on the second floor instead of the third and walked RIGHT ON IN to the apartment BELOW ours!”

“Oh no! Was anyone there?”

“Oh yeah. It was dark in there, except for the TV. Riley flew in and stopped short in front of an African American woman, who, taken aback by the dog, spun around to find me standing in her doorway, holding a golf club! All I could see was her silhouette against the light of the TV and the whites of her eyes as she screamed bloody murder!”

“Oh man…what did you do? What did SHE do?”

“I managed to calm her down and explain what happened and that I wasn’t going to kill her, and fortunately, she believed me. But, from now on? The dog’s all yours!”

May your weekend be filled with good times and laughter with family and friends – and REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED!