Isn’t it interesting, the life to which God calls us? I have always viewed mine as a road upon which I’m traveling toward home – my eternal home, that is. It’s a road that is filled with magnificent scenery and sudden pot-holes, straight, easy routes and patience-testing detours. In short, it’s a wild ride! But, truly, what’s the purpose of all this travel, if not to share it? Aren’t we better for joining forces with those who’ve traveled ahead of us, learning sections of road to avoid and others, not to miss?

As a Christian of 35 years, I’ve spent the last twenty-five with my husband, raising our family. Lately, God’s been busy showing me the next section of my road map. For most of my life, He’s had a pen in my hand, jotting down my inner-most thoughts and the ordinary moments of my days. He’s also put me in situations where I’ve been called upon to address large groups, finding a comfort and ease in doing so. It’s only now, in these current years, that He’s revealing the “why” of His ways, as He’s asked me to step up and be a travel guide of sorts, sharing about where I’ve been and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Perhaps your group is looking for just such a guide.

I am passionate about the following topics:

  • Decaf Living in an Espresso World: Cultivating the Art of Slowing Down
  • From the Inside Out: The Significance of Being Known

However, I am flexible and can tailor a talk to your specific group needs.

I would love nothing better than to chat with you. Please click the “Contact Me” button at the top of the page and we’ll see if our roads converge!