Today is one of those “word” days.  I get them from time to time; a day when God drops a word into my mind like a coin into a bank. The word for the day is “hand”.

I combed the scriptures, of which there are many, that have to do with the hand.  There are passages about man’s left hand and right hand, the hands of oppressors, the hand of the enemy; but more than any other, there are scriptures talking about the mighty hand of God.
This one in particular stood out to me:
Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, 
that he may exalt you in due time. 
1 Peter 5:6 (KJV)

Last month, my blog friend, Elaine, wrote a post called “Anonymous“. [As an aside, you should just head right on over to her blog, Peace For the Journey, when you’re done here. Oh my WORD, that girl can write and the Lord will bless your socks off through her! Okay, as I was saying…] She discussed the “hidden” seasons of our lives, when we go about the mundane of our daily lives, seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, to the world at large. This scripture made me think of her post and the way most of us experience being “hidden” at one time or another.
I decided to break down the scripture.  Here’s what I found:
  • Humble yourselves: tapeinoō – to make low, bring low
  • therefore: oun – accordingly, these things being so
  • under: hypo – by, under
  • the mighty: krataios – of the mighty power of God
  • hand: cheir – applied to God symbolizing His might, activity, power in…upholding and preserving (God is present protecting and aiding one).
  • of God: theos – spoken of the only and true God; the Godhead, Trinity
  • that: hina – in order that, so that
  • He may exalt: hypsoō to lift up high, to exalt, to raise to dignity, honor and happiness
  • you: hymas – you, for your sakes
  • in: en – in, by, with
  • due time: kairos – due measure, the right time, opportune or seasonable time, at the divinely appointed time. [i]
Here is my takeaway:
If we are going through a time of being “hidden”, we need to take comfort in the fact that we are hidden under God’s mighty hand.  If we humble ourselves and make ourselves low, we can embrace the fact that we are not stuck under God’s thumb, seemingly unable to move forward, but are being preserved and protected, sheltered and grown until the right time, the divinely appointed time when He will scoop us up and lift us high.  
Joyfully LAY LOW to, in His time, be RAISED HIGH. 
All the while, you’ll enjoy both the covering and the foundation of His MIGHTY HAND.